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Palos Verdes Peninsula Sign Company


Custom Building Sign & Awning Sign

Are you searching for an effective way to attract more customers, enhance their experience, and expand your business? Long Beach Sign Company, your local Palos Verdes Peninsula sign experts, offer striking, high-quality signs and graphics.

Our custom-designed indoor and outdoor signage captures attention and invites engagement with your brand. This prime opportunity showcases your business, helping your target audience understand the benefits of your products and services.

Avoid the limitations of standard, off-the-shelf signs from large retailers or average sign companies. Choose a reliable and professional signage partner dedicated to delivering the desired results and return on investment. Long Beach Sign Company is your premier local provider for all signage solutions, creating custom signs tailored to your brand with support from our team of professional graphic designers and installers, ensuring a comprehensive and exemplary signage service experience.

Call Long Beach Sign Company at (562) 526-0285 for your free consultation with a Palos Verdes Peninsula Signs and Graphics specialist!

Signs That Work For You

At Long Beach Sign Company, we cover all your business signage needs from design and manufacturing to installation, repairs, and maintenance. Outdoor Wayfinding Nursery SignageOur dedicated team manages each project in our state-of-the-art sign shop, crafting custom signs that align with your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts.

Whether you want to enhance brand visibility with top-notch vehicle wraps, assist customers with indoor wayfinding solutions, or create captivating window displays to promote new products, we specialize in crafting tailored signage. Each sign aligns with your unique needs, preferences, and brand standards.

Our team is both creative and industrious, excelling at producing impactful signs that enhance brand awareness and project the professional image necessary for business growth. Establishing this professional image is the crucial first step toward staying competitive in today’s market. Your success is our top priority!

The Right Signage For Your Business

custom window vinyl wrap

At Long Beach Sign Company, we understand that each California business is unique, with its distinct signage requirements. While every business has individual needs, we have identified common categories, including service providers, retail stores, manufacturing companies, non-profit organizations, professional services, and office buildings. Our experience working with leaders across various industries has provided valuable insights into how each sector utilizes signage to attract, assist, and engage customers, clients, or guests. This insight allows us to offer tailored recommendations based on your specific needs and signage objectives.

Whether you aim to enhance brand visibility or captivate your target audience, your business signage plays a crucial role in achieving these goals. From your storefront sign to your restroom sign, the signage you use communicates a great deal about your business identity. When your signage is professionally crafted and cohesive, it conveys to your customers that you are considerate and attuned to their needs—qualities that hold significant importance when customers are deciding with whom to do business. Your business image matters, and we are here to help you make a lasting impression!

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

Exterior Signage

Did you know that great exterior signage is the top reason why people decide to visit a local business they’ve never been to before? (International Sign Association, 2017) Your business’s storefront serves as the ideal canvas to kickstart your efforts in promoting your brand. The specific type of exterior signs your business requires will depend on factors like your location, brand identity, and objectives.

From impressive Pylon signs to eye-catching channel letter signs, rooftop signs, versatile A-frames, and attention-grabbing LED signs, we have the expertise to craft the perfect sign that will make your brand stand out. The result? Increased foot traffic, more customers and clients, and a boost in sales. Your business deserves to be noticed, and we’re here to make it happen!

Indoor & Interior Signs

Attractive Custom Lobby Signs

Your interior signs are crucial for fulfilling the promise made by your storefront signage. They should be attention-grabbing, impactful, and in harmony with other signage elements and your brand message.

The combination of indoor signage that suits your business will vary based on your type and unique needs. For example, manufacturing plants need equipment safety signs, offices can benefit from brand-promoting lobby signage, schools typically need educational signs, and retail stores rely on promotional product signs. Additionally, every business requires essential wayfinding and ADA-compliant signage.

We are equipped to craft the perfect blend of signage for your business and help you identify key elements to create a professional image, assist customers, and foster business growth. Your success is our priority!

Vehicle Wraps & Graphics

Custom Commercial Van Wrap

Seamlessly coordinated commercial vehicle wraps from Long Beach Sign Company are the key to enhancing your branding endeavors and boosting brand awareness. As your trusted local Palos Verdes Peninsula sign company, we offer a comprehensive range of vehicle wrap services, including design, manufacturing, and installation. Our expertise allows us to craft attention-grabbing wraps tailored for any commercial vehicle, be it a work truck, trailer, semi, or van. This turns your vehicle into a mobile billboard, effectively spreading the word about your company’s products and services wherever you go or park.

Our vehicle wraps are ideal for service providers making house calls, delivery vehicles, food trucks, or any business looking to elevate its visibility and make a memorable impression. Transform your vehicle into a powerful tool for increasing your brand’s presence in the community!

Vinyl Signs & Graphics

indoor vinyl lobby mural

Vinyl wraps, graphics, and signs are powerful tools for enhancing visibility and engaging customers, regardless of your company’s type. Whether you want to boost storefront visibility, help customers navigate your facilities, or promote a special offer, our team of vinyl signage specialists is dedicated to providing the perfect solutions.

We are a dedicated provider of fully customized vinyl graphics and signs, offering tailored services that can be quickly personalized to meet your specific needs. Whether you need captivating window graphics, eye-catching banners, professional lettering, wraps, or a comprehensive vinyl sign, wrap, and graphic package, our dependable team of designers, fabricators, and installers is committed to delivering your project promptly, skillfully, and with meticulous attention to detail. Your satisfaction is our top priority!

Custom Signs

custom dimensional lettering

Every Long Beach Sign Company sign is a uniquely crafted custom piece, tailored meticulously to your business and brand identity. We collaborate closely with your existing brand guidelines or assist in creating new ones to seamlessly align with your location, brand essence, requirements, and budget.

With our custom signs, you have full control over every aspect, from text and images to logos, colors, fonts, and more. They are the most effective way to set your business apart, outshine competitors, and capture the attention of even the most distracted customers. Whether you need a captivating storefront sign, compelling window displays, or personalized vinyl graphics, we have the expertise to design, manufacture, and install specialty signage that meets your unique needs.

As a leading signage provider, we take pride in exceeding your expectations, enhancing brand awareness, and driving customer traffic. Whether you need a single custom sign or an entire collection of branded business signage, Long Beach Sign Company is passionate about bringing your vision to life!

Complete Commercial Signage Company

As your premier Palos Verdes Peninsula sign company, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from design and fabrication to installation, all conveniently available under one roof. We kick off our process with a complimentary consultation, where our committed consultants delve into your unique requirements, business goals, and marketing concepts. This allows us to make informed suggestions aligned with your brand, budget, and timeline. Our collaborative approach ensures the effective translation of your vision into the final design, with our design team working closely with you.

Full-Service Sign Company

At Long Beach Sign Company, we are committed to environmentally friendly signage, and implementing efficient manufacturing and business practices. Our mission is to deliver high-quality signage while embracing sustainable materials and practices.

Custom Lobby SignsProper installation is paramount for signage to serve its purpose. Our dedicated installation team manages every facet, including electrical installation and safety stability. As a comprehensive California signage provider, we go beyond designing, manufacturing, and installing your sign projects; we also handle any permitting or compliance matters.

When you seek top-notch signage solutions for your business, you’ve come to the right place. From towering pole signs to yard signs, we offer a wide range to meet all your signage needs!

Our Commitment To You

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At Long Beach Sign Company, we recognize the pivotal role that attractive, high-quality signs play in attracting, retaining, and converting clients for your business.

As your trusted local Palos Verdes Peninsula sign company, we are committed to delivering exceptional signage solutions and unparalleled customer support. If you ever find yourself dissatisfied with your sign, rest assured that we share your concerns and will take all necessary steps to rectify the situation. When you seek a reliable signage provider that consistently delivers the solutions you require, Long Beach Sign Company is the unequivocal choice. Your success is our ultimate priority!

Call Long Beach Sign Company at (562) 526-0285 for your free consultation with a Palos Verdes Peninsula Signs and Graphics specialist!